Professional Web Bootcamp

A 45 day training programme to kickstart your career in the hottest Web Technologies!

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ReactJs Course Outline

Fee & Internship Details

Total Fee Payable: 11,990 INR

Bootcamp Duration: 45 days(approx.)

Internship Duration: 1 Month

Internship Type: Work from home & Flexible timings

Internship Stipend: 4000 INR

Medium: English & Hindi Available

NOTE: Internship stipend is paid only after the student completes the 1 month internship. No stipend is paid if the student leaves internship in the middle.

Course Outcome

After completing the course,

You will be able to develop complex web applications with React.js and Redux.

You will be able to collaborate with backend team and integrate APIs into your projects.

You will be able to handle Authentication, Routing, Reusable Components, Debugging and Scalable Architechture for your application.

You will be able to work on your own ideas from scratch, and develop applications of your choice, may it be a Social Network, e-Commerce, Blog, CMS or any other New Idea.

IMPORTANT: Although, depending on the type of project, backend is an important part of most applications, React/Redux only plays the role in frontend and you will still need a database and APIs working at the backend to create a full application on your own. If you want to learn backend also, check out this Full-stack Bootcamp.

About The Class

All classes are held online, and class timings are scheduled according to availability of both student and the trainer.

NOTE: Please note that, we are not an institute and we take limited number of students only. Currently, a class can have maximum 3 students and maximum batches are 2. Hence, we do not hire trainers, all classes will be taken by Abhishek Kumawat himself, to ensure best possible outcome of the course.

Course Contents

The React Pro Bootcamp is divided into 3 Modules that cover all major topics as follows:

Module A
  • Introduction
  • Node Setup
  • NPM
  • C.R.A package
  • What is Babel
  • Project Structure
  • Components
  • Virtual-DOM
Module B
  • Component Props
  • Component State
  • Functional Components
  • React Refs
  • Data-binding
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Debugging
  • Routing
Module C
  • Redux Intro
  • Redux SAR Cycle
  • Redux Subscription
  • Redux Middlewares
  • Request Handling
  • Master Project
  • Interview Guide
  • Understanding Market


What are some popular sites using React?

Facebook, Netflix, New York Times etc..

Why should I use React over Angular?

Because why not? It's fast, popular, easier to learn, flexible and has good community support.

Do I get placement guarantee with this course?

Placement Guarantee is a myth! You don't really need a placement guarantee, it will be discussed in Module C "Understanding Market".

Can I get a job as ReactJs developer or I need to learn backend also?

You can get a job as a ReactJs developer, although having knowledge of backend is considered as a plus and increases your chances of selection.